Business Guidance

Getting Lancaster County back to work safely means preparing for a new workplace environment.

From masks to social distancing, temperature checks to telecommuting, there is a lot left to be understood. Recovery Lancaster is dedicated to making the transition period easier for companies across Lancaster County.

Teams of industry experts have explored the safest and most effective ways to begin creating a new path forward. Find Best Practice Guidelines for industry-specific suggestions, sample training formats, and even pre-recorded training sessions to be used for your teams. While we appreciate the unique aspects that must determine your specific company strategies, we hope these resources offer a strong start.

Together, we know that when businesses recover and thrive, so does our entire community.

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General Guidance

As Lancaster County businesses get back to work, there are steps any company can take to ensure the safest possible environments for employees, vendors and clients. Information below addresses CDC recommendations, Pennsylvania workplace requirements, and general industry considerations for a quick and healthy return to work.

Industry Specific Guidance

Check back often as we continue to add resources.



Healthcare (Independent Offices)




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